Our projects

Our projects are as broad and diverse as the demands and needs of our clients. The furniture is designed and produced by IBH itself at its premises in Drachten. And we are proud of that!

Orange & Vert Sin-Le-Noble

Orange&Vert Sin-Le-Noble

Newly opened

Orange&Vert Aire Sur la Lys

Up to date again!

Openflor Lille

More than just flowers!

Garden Center The Schouw

Garden Center De Schouw in Houten. 4000m2 of atmosphere and experience with an IBH interior.

Flower House Beveren (BE)

At Flower House Beveren (BE) beautiful wooden cladding inspired by the famous half-timbered houses.

Blumen Unckrich

Cabinets and mood presentations with an old touch. Modern with a twist.